Museum Collection Management in the Past, Nowadays and in the Future (Grand Egyptian Museum “Case Study”)

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Curator at Grand Egyptian Museum


My aim in this research is to contribute to put a long-term
strategy plan for successful collection management in museums
by implementing modern technology in museums stores and
highlighted how museum collection was managed in the past and
nowadays and the proposed successful collection management in
the future in Egypt and all over the world. Researcher focused
on the importance of the inventory in museums and its relation
with museum documentation, registration and museum
publication. Museum ethics, Museum Inventory in Egyptian
Antiquities Protection Law. History of Digitization in the
International museums, implementing of new technology in
collection management at museums, the meaning of QR CODE
Technology, how museums will benefit from this technology,
and the methods of implementing it.
Modern technology will help museum to manage its collection
perfectly according to museum documentation, registration and
museum inventory.